Dance Programs

Friday Night Welcome Dance
Devisor: Tine MacKay

Maxwell's Rant32R3RSCDS Book 18
It's Nae Bother32J2 RSCDS Graded Book 2
The Silver Tassie32S3Drewry, Bon Accord Book
The Hunting Horn32J3SCD Archives
Wisp of Thistle32S3RSCDS Book 37
J. B. Milne 32R3Foss, Angus Fitchett Album
The Scallywag32J3RSCDS Book 52
It's About Time32S3Brunken, Moments in Time
Jessie's Hornpipe 32H3RSCDS Book 8
Michelle De Pledge of Preston32S3 Taylor, Leaflet
The De'il Amang the Tailors32R3RSCDS Book 14

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Saturday Ball
Devisor: Sue Ronald

The Shetland Shepherdess32J3RSCDS Graded Book 3
The Shores of Solway32S3Goldring, 10 Social Dances
The Saltire Society Reel 32R3RSCDS Leaflets
Jennifer's Jig32J3 Drewry, Bon Accord Book
MacDonald of Keppoch128M 4SRSCDS Book 49
Mrs. Stewart's Jig32J3RSCDS Book 35
Linnea's Strathspey 32S3RSCDS Book 47
Sleepy Maggie32R3RSCDS Book 11
The Royal Deeside Railway32R3RSCDS Book 40
Midsummer Common 32S3RSCDS Book 49
A Capital Jig32J3 RSCDS 5/2009
The Falls of Rogie32R3Attwood, Alexander Dances 1
Holyrood Strathspey32S3RSCDS Book 51
Ladies' Fancy32J2RSCDS Book 13
The Reel of the Royal Scots32R3RSCDS Leaflets

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