Dance Programs

Friday Night Welcome Dance
Devisor: Geoffrey Selling

The Shetland Shepherdess32J3Graded Book 3
The Braes of Tulliemet32S3 RSCDS Book 7
The Sailor32R3RSCDS Book 24
Blue Bonnets32J2RSCDS Book 3
Midsummer Common32S3RSCDS Book 49
The Hamilton Rant48R3RSCDS Book 22
EH3 7AF32J3RSCDS Book 40
Lord Elgin's Reel32S3RSCDS Book 26
The Countess of Dunmore's Reel 32R3RSCDS Book 49
Bruce's Men32S3 (set)Goldring Scotia Suite
The Reel of the 51st Division32R3RSCDS Book 13
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Saturday Ball
Devisor: Ellie Briscoe

Kendall's Hornpipe32J2Graded Book
Donald Bane32S3RSCDS Book 17
J. B. Milne 32R3Foss, Angus Fitchet Bk
The Haar on Skye32S3 Graded 3
The White Heather Jig40J422 SCD Cosh
The Kissing Bridge32R3RSCDS Book 47
Invercauld's Reel32S3RSCDS Book 11
The Valley Over the Hill32R32eeladelphia
The Laird of Milton's Daughter32J3RSCDS Book 22
Miss Gibson's Strathspey 32S3RSCDS leaflet
The Wind on the Heath32R3Boyd Leaflet
Pelorus Jack32J3RSCDS Book 41
The Falkirk Lass32S3Moments in Time
The Last of the Lairds32J3RSCDS Book 22
The Deil Amang the Tailors32R3RSCDS Book 14
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