Dance Programs

Friday Night Welcome Dance
Devisor: Harry Khamis

Bethankit32J3Graded Book 3
Dalkeith's Strathspey32S3RSCDS Book 9
Catch the Wind32R3RSCDS Book 45
It's My Pleasure (to Dance)32J3Lindsey, leaflet
The Lammermuir Hills32S2Goldring, Wells House
Trip to Timber Ridge32R3Henderson, Heart of San Francisco
Maxwell's Rant32R3RSCDS Book 18
Gramachie32S3MMM 1
Haste to the Weeding32J2RSCDS Book 25
Jean Martin of Aberdeen32S3 (set)Johnstone, 3 Dances 2006
Reel of the Royal Scots32R3RSCDS Leaflet
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Saturday Ball
Devisor: Pam Stephens

The Legacy32J3Pinewoods Collection 2
Lord Elgin's Reel32S3RSCDS Book 26
Summer Wooing32R3RSCDS Book 38
A Summer Meeting32S3 setRSCDS Book 48
Fight About the Fireside32R3RSCDS Book 1
The Compleat Gardener32J3Graded Book 3
Tulloch Gorm32S3RSCDS Book 8
The Australian Ladies32R3Campbell, Glasgow Assembly
Cutty Sark32J3RSCDS Book 40
Abbie's Twizzle32R3A. Brown, leaflet
Cape Town Wedding32S3RSCDS Book 39
Major Ian Stewart32J3RSCDS Book 35
Burns Bicentenary Strathspey32S4 setDrewry, Bankhead 6
The Whistling Wind32H3RSCDS Book 36
The Braes of Tulliemet32S3RSCDS Book 7
The De'il Amang the Tailors32R3RSCDS Book 14
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