Scottish Weekend CD for 1998

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Cover: Memories of Scottish Weekend CD, 2002

Since 1989 Scottish country dancers and musicians have gathered in the fall for a weekend of dancing in the DC/Philadelphia area. At the request of many participants, the Scottish Weekend committee decided to produce this souvenir CD.

The committee wishes to give special thanks to the musicians and engineers for creating such a fine recording of our 1998 ball and is also grateful to the volunteers, composers, and financial backers who made production and distribution of the CD possible.

The Musicians

The staff musicians perform together in various combinations from time to time, so the unique Scottish Weekend 1998 ensemble has a cohesiveness and tight delivery seldom found in an informal band. Members of the ensemble are Liz Donaldson, Earl Gaddis, Ralph Gordon, Steve Hickman, Anne Hooper, Calum MacKinnon, and Marty Taylor. Piper Dan Emery joins them on track 4. Track 7 is a performance by the 1998 music class with pianist Dave Wiesler and some members of the ensemble under the direction of Calum MacKinnon.

The Music

The waltz Lullaby for Kim is dedicated in loving memory to the late Kim McGarrity, founder and director of the Scottish country dance band "Fiddlesticks and Ivory."

Arrangements are by Liz Donaldson except track 7 which is by Calum MacKinnon.


Liz Donaldson, piano
Earl Gaddis, fiddle
Ralph Gordon, bass/cello
Steve Hickman, fiddle
Anne Hooper, fiddle
Calum MacKinnon, fiddle
Marty Taylor, flute/piccolo/concertina
Dan Emery, pipes (track 4)
Dave Wiesler, piano (track 7)
and the
1998 Music Class (track 7), playing Accordion: Helen Powell
Fiddles: Jerry Agin, Anne Leslie, Robin Lohse, Lance Ramshaw, Valerie Stewart, Helen Van Mater
Harp: Carla Holder

This magnificent live recording captures the spirit and excitement of the Scottish Weekend 1998 ball at Camp Ramblewood, MD.

Recorded and mastered by Flawn Williams. Duplicated by Oasis. Artistic Director Liz Donaldson. Producer Marty King.

The Scottish Weekend Ball at Camp Ramblewood, Darlington, MD, recorded live September 26, 1998. Recorded by Flawn Williams. Duplication by Oasis. Artistic direction by Liz Donaldson. Additional thanks to Mary Andrews, Elke Baker, Ralph Gordon, Jill Emery/b&w photo, SueEllen Lawton, Ned Leight/color photos, and LISS Productions.

Price and Ordering

$15 plus $2.50 shipping each; or 2 for $25 plus $3.00 shipping.

To order, send check payable to Scottish Weekend, Inc. to: Scottish Weekend, Inc.
c/o Liz Donaldson
4518 Gladwyne Drive
Bethesda, MD 20814 USA
Tel: 301-986-1291

Please include your mailing address.

Note: You may combine orders for "More Memories of Scottish Weekend" and "Memories of Scottish Weekend". For example, the total for one each is $28.00 (2 for $25 plus $3.00 shipping/handling).

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