Dances Taught at Scottish Weekend 2019

Intermediate / Experienced

Mervyn Short
The Crawfords of Kerrera 8 x 32 J3 Ann Dix
Summer Wooing 8 x 32 R3 Book 38
Jen Schoonover
Earl of Home 8 x 32 S3 Book 12
Peggy's Love 8 x 32 S3 Book 8
Duchess of Gordon's Fancy 8 x 32 S2 Border Book
Geoffrey Selling
Virginia Reel 4 x 64 R 3rd Graded Book
Whigmaleeries 8 x 32 R3 Imperial Society Bk #2
Cape Town Wedding 8 x 32 S3 Book 39

Challenge, High Impact

Mervyn Short
The Charmeer 8 32 J3 Book 29
Johnnie's Welcome Hame 8 x 32 R3 Book 32
Dancing the Baby Square Set Medley Gaye Collin
Geoffrey Selling
McDonald Saunter Reel - Ceilidh Warmup Mary Brandon
Lady Harriet Hope's Reel 8 x 32 R3 Book 16
O'er the Muir and Among the Heather 8 x 32 S3 Eighteenth Century Book

Challenge, Easy on the Feet

Jen Schoonover
Call to the Piper 16J2 Round the room ceilidh dance
Lassie with the Yellow Coatie 32R2 Border Book
Somebody 16S RRFoss Dances to Song Tunes
Famous Grouse 32J3 Haynes Carnforth 4
Knit the Pocky 32R2 Book 11
Twirl of the Kilt 32S2 Keppies Gaelic College 5
Yellow Haired Laddie 64W Book 12

The Beauty of the Basics

Mervyn Short
A Jig for Denise 8x32J Dix Reel Friends 3
The Birks of Invermay 8x32S Book 16
Beeswing 5x32R Goldring Graded & Social 2
Jen Schoonover
Brain Dance 32J2 Invented Round-the-room dance
The Kissing Bridge 8 x 32 R3 Book 47
Geoffrey Selling
The Ferryboat R, Ceilidh dance Let's All Dance
Triple Happiness 32S3 Book 52
Mamie's Jig 32J3 Mary Brandon

Mixed Class

Mervyn Short
The Clockwork 32S3 Banninger Inspirations
Jen Schoonover
"Twa" 32J3 Schoonover
Geoffrey Selling
Fahyda 32H3 Mervyn Short

Specialty Class: Dances by Ann Dix and Derek Haynes

Mervyn Short
Looking for a Partner 32J3 Haynes Carnforth 6
Scarborough Castle 32S3 Dix Leeds 50th
Jennifer's Itchy Fingers 32R3 Haynes Carnforth 6
Culla Bay 32S3 Book 41
The Committee Meeting 32R3 Dix Reel Friends 3
The Spey in Spate 32R3 Haynes Carnforth 3

Specialty Class: Cape Breton dancing

Jen Schoonover

Specialty Class: Waltz

Geoffrey Selling
Circle Waltz 4 32 W Ceilidh Dance
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