Dances Taught at Scottish Weekend 2018

Basic Class

William Williamson
The Provost Wynd 8 x 32 J3 2nd Grades
Miss Graham of Dykeside 8 x 32 S Amisfield Dances, Williamson
Elaine Brunken
Strathspey steps; Set and turn corners; Turn Corners and Partner; Reels of 3 (closing reels)
Steven Rusche
Bethankit 4 x 32 J3 3rd Graded Book

Social Class

William Williamson
CThe Bon Viveur Medley, 64 4C Sq RSCDS Book 52
The Good Hearted Glasgow 8 x 32 J3 Collins, P. Knapman
Elaine Brunken
Canonbie Ceilidh 5x 40R New Scotland 50
Weekend at Ft Worden 8 x 32 R3 Leaflet, Brunken
Glendalough Strathspey 8 x 32 S3 Clindinning, Canada's Irish Rover
Steven Rusche
Jig to the Music 32J3 2nd Graded Book
It's Nae Bother 32J2/td> 2nd Graded Book
The Compleat Gardener 32J3 3rd Graded Book
Fun and Flirtation 32S3 New Haven Nutmeg Collection

Technique Class

William Williamson
The Clansman 8x32R RSCDS Book 32
Ysobel Stewart of Fish Hoek 8x32S RSCDS Book 52
Farewell to Balfour Road 5x32J RSCDS Book 52
Elaine Brunken
Canonbie Ceilidh 5x40R New Scotland 50
Cardross House 8 x 32 S3 Moments in Time, Brunken
The Courthouse Walk 6x32J Leaflet, Brunken
Steven Rusche
Finlay Stewart Skinner 32S3 Allanton Collection

Specialty Class: Highland for SCD, Shepherds Crook and Foursome Reel

William Williamson

Specialty Class: Shepherds Crook and Foursome Reel


Combined Class

Elaine Brunken
The Corian Strathspey 32S3 RSCDS Book 43
Steven Rusche
Airing Your Wxters 40 R3 Leaflet, Rusche
William Williamson
The Hoy Tensome 5x40 5C Sq Stuart
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