Scottish Country Dance Classes

RED (All Welcome): For dancers who want to learn or review standard steps and figures. These relaxed-pace classes will also explore social aspects of dancing, such as teamwork, handing and eye contact, plus skills such as step transitions, flow between formations and repetitions of a dance, musical phrasing, deportment and covering.

WHITE (Proficient/Low Impact): For dancers familiar with all steps and formations of Scottish Country Dancing. These moderately-paced classes will present interesting and spatially challenging dances, with some review of less common formations as needed, and will emphasize essential group skills such as teamwork, phrasing, covering, handing, and eye contact.

BLUEBLUE (Proficient/High Impact): For dancers proficient in all steps and formations of Scottish Country Dancing, who consistently execute steps and step transitions at a high standard. These fast-paced physically demanding classes will have minimal walkthroughs, will polish finer points of steps, may include individual feedback, and have the expectation of fluency in formations, stamina, and strong form in all aspects of dancing.

Specialty Classes:

Branch Anniversary Dances Coast-to-coast new dances! San Diego and Delaware Valley celebrated milestone anniversaries recently and commemorated them with new dances and tunes by Branch members and friends. Come try some of the San Diego 45th and Delaware Valley 50th dances with Jeanne and Katherine!

Couples Dances Have you ever seen couples whirling around the room at the beginning or end of a Scottish Country dance and wanted to know how to dance like them? Andy will teach the polka, schottische, waltz, and pattern waltzes. Learn these dances in class and then enjoy dancing them at the ball!

SW dance class assignments will be made on the basis of individual preferences, and assessments of dancer skill levels based on information provided during registration. The SW Committee will strive to provide the best dance class experience for all dancers given the fact that dancers who attend SW will have a wide range of dance skills and objectives.

Your class assignments will be in your packet. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Yvonne Yang at

Music Classes

Music classes will offer instruction in playing Scottish tunes, focusing on music for Scottish Country dancing.

Hanneke Cassel will be providing tutoring in fiddle playing Saturday morning and Elke Baker will be conducting a band class Saturday afternoon.

We are also planning on holding a Saturday aafternoon jam session.

Other specialty music classes are also being planned.

See the schedule page for more class information.

If you have any questions about classes or what level might be good for you, email us at

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