Scottish Country Dance Classes

We offer several levels of classes. Our three dance teachers rotate, so all classes get to experience their expertise. Your answers to the questions on the registration form will let us know what type of class will best suit you.
(with thanks to Pinewoods 2021 Committee, from whom these are shamelessly plagiarized)

Essential Skills (Beginner, Capable, Competent/All Welcome):
For dancers who want to learn or work on steps and figures included on our list of standard steps and formations of Scottish Country Dancing. Classes will also explore social aspects of dancing, such as teamwork, handing, and eye contact and may expand into skills such as smoothing transitional flow between formations, musical phraing, deportment, and covering.

Engaging Figures (Proficient/Low Impact):
For dancers familiar with all steps and formations of Scottish Country Dancing. The class will present interesting and spatially-challenging dances, emphasizing essential group skills such as teamwork, phrasing, covering, handing, and eye contact.

Technical Challenges (Proficient/High Impact):
For dancers familiar with all steps and formations of Scottish Country Dancing, who can execute travelling and setting steps at a high standard as well as perform smooth transitions between them. These will be physically demanding classes with the expectation of fluency in formations and stamina, and strong form in dancing.

Your class assignments will be in your packet. If you have questions, see Jay Andrews.

Music Classes

Music classes will offer instruction in playing Scottish tunes, focusing on music for Scottish Country dancing.

Specialty Classes

There will be several specialty classes on Saturday afternoon. Please check back here to see the final list of specialty classes.

See the schedule page for more class information.

If you have any questions about classes or what level might be good for you, email us at .

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