NOTE: The classes listed below were for SW 2019 and are listed here for reference. Please check back later for updates for class offerings for SW 2022!


Up Scottish Country Dance Classes

We offer several levels of classes. Our three dance teachers rotate, so all classes get to experience their expertise. Your answers to the questions on the registration form will let us know what type of class will best suit you.

- The Beauty of the Basics – for newer and even experienced dancers who want to concentrate on the how-to’s of footwork, figures, where to be, and when.

- Intermediate/More Experienced – Refresh your skills, learn something new. Each class will have a mix of footwork, social technique, dances that remind you once again why you love Scottish Country dancing.

- Challenge Class – For high level experienced dancers. Challenge your dancing and your brain. Each class will have a limited number of sets.

Please attend the class to which you have been assigned in your packet.

Up Music Classes

Music classes will offer instruction in playing Scottish tunes, focusing on music for Scottish Country dancing.

Up Specialty Classes

There will be several specialty classes on Saturday afternoon, including a specialty class for the tricky dances on the Saturday Ball program. Check back here soon to see the final list of specialty classes.

See the schedule page for more class information.

If you have any questions about classes or what level might be good for you, email us at .

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