September 23-25, 2022

SW 2022 Questionnaire

New this year is the Cobey England Youth Scholarship Information

We are delighted to announce that Scottish Weekend 2022 IS ON at beautiful Camp Louise in Cascade, MD! We welcome as our teachers this year Robert McOwen (Boston, MA), Kate Nealley (Ardmore, PA), and Yvonne Yang (Annandale, VA), plus additional staff teachers. Scottish Weekend is known for its splendid musicians, and this year will be no exception! Details to come in the weeks ahead.


Attendance is offered to FULLY-VACCINATED INDIVIDUALS only – certification of vaccination (pdf or jpeg copy of CDC Form or Medical Facility record of vaccination) must be provided to the Registrar prior to the dance weekend - no exceptions! If you have elected for a two-shot vaccine, the second shot must have been received at least two weeks prior to arriving at camp.

We are focusing on local teaching and music staff to lessen the chance of introducing variant COVID strains. Limited-occupancy accommodation is available in either 2-person rooms/cabins or in 4-person bunkhouses. MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED in public places, including on the dance floor. While masking is not possible during meal time, we are expanding dining seating to fill the entire room to reduce density. Classes and evening programs will take place in the usual locations, with as much fresh air ventilation as possible. All participants will be asked to use the provided hand sanitizer upon entry into the room and during breaks. You are welcome to wear gloves while dancing if you wish (please bring your own).

Camp Louise will have just completed a full camping season, and they have many safety measures in place:

Food will be served, as opposed to a buffet
Plexiglass partitions will be going up where necessary and appropriate
Two coffee stations will be set up to alleviate crowding in that area
Sanitizer will be available at all areas of camp and required upon entry to Dining Hall
Toasters will not be available
Touchless hand-washing stations are being installed at certain areas of camp
Additional ventilation throughout camp

Recognizing that none of us have been able to do our usual level of dancing, we are planning a somewhat lower-impact weekend, with lots of stretching, to help prevent injury.

Open SW 2022 Registration is now closed. Please contact Registrar for additional information.

Haste Ye to SW 2021!

Photo: Danni Downing

Check our website from time to time for updates on Scottish Weekend, September 23-25, 2022.

Experience Scottish Weekend for the first time HERE! (PDF)

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